Survey expertise of Mitra and Associates, a survey research company

Survey expertise of Mitra and Associates

Mitra and Associates has the adequate in-house survey expertise to conceive as well as complete the survey research assignments. In particular, its expertises are to:

  • Conceive as well as design survey research projects;
  • Formulate sound methodologies including appropriate sample design;
  • Develop and use of effective data collection instruments;
  • Pre-testing of the instrument and conducting the survey;
  • Plan and implement field operations and ensuring collection of reliable data;
  • Determine and mobilize project-specific human as well as non-human resources;
  • Recruit, train and utilize research as well as non-research personnel efficiently;
  • Source and employ project-specific consultants;
  • Build effective partnership and collaborate with international research bodies and consultants;
  • Conduct quantitative survey research including baseline, follow-up (monitoring and evaluation), longitudinal, surveillance and operational studies;
  • Conduct qualitative studies including Focus Group Discussion (FGD), Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA), case study, in-depth studies and Key Informant Interview (KII);
  • Carry out migrant tracking surveys at the national level (face to face and over phone interviews) and international level (over phone interviews);
  • Collect GPS coordinates and prepare GIS maps;
  • Carryout anthropometric measurement including height, weight, and MUAC;
  • Biomarker sample (blood, urine) collection, processing, as well as shipment to overseas maintaining cold chain;
  • Nail and hair sample collection, processing, as well as sending abroad;
  • The collection, testing, and processing of water (for example, E. coli, arsenic, and iron) sample by establishing the laboratory for the test at field level;
  • Collection of data at field level using CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interview);
  • Carry out data processing, data analysis, as well as manage databases aided by adequate computer skills;
  • Analyze as well as interpret data; and
  • Prepare reports as well as make the recommendation.