NC Barman, sample drawing expert

NC Barman, Assistant Director of Mitra and Associates obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Arts from the University of Dhaka. He has been working in quantitative research particularly as a sample drawing expert for more than 32 years. He has been associated with Mitra since 1983 and involved with more than 100 survey research projects. These include the following surveys:

  • Baseline Survey on “Accelerating Progress Towards Maternal and Neonatal Mortality and Morbidity Reduction, 2007-2008”
  • Bangladesh Maternal Mortality Survey (BMMS, 2001, 2010, 2016)
  • The three CPSs and all the eight BDHS

He has expertise in the planning of quality work of the listing and fieldwork, training of survey personnel, sample drawing and development of fieldwork schedule.