S. N. Mitra, demographic research expert

S. N. Mitra, Executive Director, and Founder of Mitra and Associates is an MA in Statistics from Dhaka University, Bangladesh. He has another MA in Demography from Australian National University, Australia. Mitra and Associates is founded by Mr. Mitra in 1983 and steered to present position as a leading health, population and communication research firm of the country. He has extensive experience in implementing as well as managing large-scale, complex and innovative research projects; and leading as well as coordinating among highly qualified professionals of diverse disciplines. Since 35 years as Executive Director, he has been managed and implemented more than 156 national and sub-national research projects, which includes Bangladesh Contraceptive Prevalence Surveys (4) and Bangladesh Demographic and Health Surveys (8). In the course of the research career, he has acquired a wide exposure to and relationship with many national and international institutions and experts.