S. Fuad Pasha, administration and management expert

S. Fuad Pasha, Director (Operations) of Mitra and Associates is a bachelor (honors) in Economics from the University of Dhaka in Bangladesh. He completed the bachelor (honors) degree in 1982. Mr. Pasha has undergone training on labor law as well as industrial welfare. He is an administration and management expert with 29 years of experience. In the first 8 years, he acquired experience with the tea plantation and manufacturing industry. Later, he has been involved in the remaining 21 years with Mitra and Associates for carrying out sponsored survey research projects. He has worked for more than 75 large research projects in the following fields:

  • Socio-economy
  • Poverty
  • Food security
  • Law and order
  • Health
  • Education
  • Population
  • Communication/media

Therefore, the research projects mentioned above were commissioned by the clients like Bangladesh Government; UN agencies; and International/national universities/donors. In fact, these research projects involved big budgets, mobilization of huge manpower, as well as collaboration with national and international clients and experts. He uniquely carried out the following major tasks in these projects:

  • Preparation of project proposals
  • Negotiation/finalization of project contracts
  • Overall planning, mobilization, as well as managing of survey manpower
  • Organizing pretesting of questionnaires as well as training for the field personnel
  • Making field-visits to monitor data collection
  • Organizing computerization of data, data analysis, report writing workshop, editing of the report as well as dissemination seminar
  • Management of finance as well as logistics

In addition, he administers the contracts fulfilling the following duties:

  • Supervision as well as assurance of spending money as per survey budget
  • Utilization of manpower as well as other resources
  • Monitoring and ensuring budget-specific task implementation
  • Budget and expenditure analysis
  • Administrative crisis management