A. B. Siddique Mozumder, training expert

A. B. Siddique Mozumder, Director (Field, Training, and Administration) of Mitra and Associates is an M.Com from the University of Dhaka in Bangladesh. Mr. Mozumder has been working in the field of both quantitative and qualitative research for more than 33 years. He has been associated with Mitra and Associates since 1985. From that time he has worked in more than 110 research projects. He is an expert on planning as well as organizing fieldwork for data collection. More specifically he is also an expert of:

  • Recruiting of field personnel
  • Translating questionnaires
  • Conducting training
  • Field supervision as well as quality control of data
  • Conducting pre-test of questionnaires
  • Coordinating fieldwork
  • Monitoring fieldwork to ensure data quality