Survey research specialist in Bangladesh for research, and evaluation


Mitra and Associates is a pioneer private sector survey research firm of Bangladesh. It was established in 1983. Since that time it gradually has grown to be a most sustainable as well as dependable organization in the country. It has grown its expertise, especially for both quantitative and qualitative research, evaluation, as well as surveys. Mitra and Associates has professional commitment and integrity to implement research assignments. in addition, it has the demonstrated research, planning and managerial skills involving complex designs, collection, and analysis of data on wide ranges of variables/indicators and highly voluminous workloads. Mitra and Associates has also the professional ability to carry out new/innovative studies. In fact, a good number of the assignments Mitra has completed were the first of their kinds in the country where it employed innovative approaches/methodologies.


Fields of survey research

Mitra and Associates has first started its career with undertaking predominantly population, demographic and family planning research assignments. By the time, it has expanded its research areas. Consequently, now it undertakes assignments such as baseline surveys, follow-up surveys, operation research, monitoring and evaluation studies in many areas of the social sector. Therefore, the areas broadly include:

  1. Health as well as Epidemiology;
  2. Population, Demography and Family Planning;
  3. Behavior;
  4. Education;
  5. Market and Audit;
  6. Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, and Rural Infrastructure;
  7. Communication;
  8. Socio-Economic;
  9. Water, Sanitation, and Arsenic;
  10. Women and Children’s Development;
  11. Nutrition;
  12. Evaluation;
  13. Food Security;
  14. Environment;
  15. Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice (KAP);
  16. Human rights, democracy, and governance;
  17. Formal and informal legal system as well as community peace and security issues; and
  18. Evaluation of development programs and projects.