Marful Alam, qualitative research expert

Marful Alam, Assistant Director of Mitra and Associates is a BA from the University of Rajshahi. He has 32 years of experience especially in the field of qualitative research. Therefore he is highly skilled in:

  • Coordinating data collection operations
  • Participatory evaluation studies
  • Focus group discussions
  • Translating questionnaires
  • Imparting training on interview techniques
  • Field supervision and quality control of data
  • Conducting pre-test of questionnaires
  • Coordinating fieldwork
  • Conducting field checks as well as monitoring fieldwork to ensure data quality
  • Preparing as well as implementing the plan for editing of completed questionnaires
  • Planning as well as supervising categorization of ‘other’ and ‘open-ended’ question responses

So far he has taken part in more than 100 studies including:

  • The Baseline Survey on “Accelerating Progress Towards Maternal and Neonatal Mortality and Morbidity Reduction, 2007-2008”
  • Bangladesh Maternal Mortality Survey (BMMS, 2001, 2010, 2016)
  • The three CPSs as well as all the eight BDHS