Major clients of Mitra and Associates with whom it conducted the surveys

Our Clients

Mitra and Associates has carried out more than 200 national as well as sub-national surveys since 1983. In fact, the surveys have been carried out under the contract from about fifty national and international clients. It has also carried out surveys in collaboration with most of its clients. Therefore, the list of these major clients is as follows:

National Government Agencies

Mitra has conducted many surveys with National Government Agencies such as:

  • NIPORT as well as Directorate of Health and Family Welfare under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare;
  • BBS as well as PDEU under the Ministry of Planning;
  • LGED as well as LGD under the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development & Cooperatives (MOLGRD&C);
  • FMRP on Education and Health Sector under the Ministry of Finance; and
  • DLS under the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock.

UN Bodies

Mitra has also worked together with the UN bodies such as:

  • UNFPA;
  • World Bank;
  • WHO;
  • IOM;
  • IFAD;
  • WFP; and
  • UNDP.


In addition, Mitra has conducted many studies in collaboration with the NGOs such as:

  • BRAC;
  • FPAB;
  • FPSTC;
  • Proshika;
  • NGO Forum;
  • CARE Bangladesh;
  • BCCP / JHU; and
  • SMC.

Donor Agencies

There are also many donor agencies who have been the major clients of Mitra and Associates. It has worked with the donor agencies such as:

  • USAID;
  • AusAID;
  • CIDA;
  • DFID;
  • GTZ;
  • NORAD; and
  • ADB.

International / National Universities, as well as Research Bodies

Many International / National Universities, as well as Research Bodies, have also been the important clients of Mitra. It has worked under the contract from the International / National Universities, as well as Research Bodies such as:

  • The Australian National University;
  • Johns Hopkins University (JHU) in the USA;
  • The University of North Carolina in the USA;
  • The University of Colorado at Boulder in the USA;
  • icddr,b;
  • Orc Macro International in the USA;
  • RAND Corporation in the USA;
  • Population Services International (PSI) in the USA;
  • Save the Children Fund-USA;
  • HKI;
  • GTZ;
  • Oxford Policy Management (OPM) in the UK; and
  • Independent University of Bangladesh (IUB).

Business Houses

Mitra has also carried out surveys with the Business Houses such as:

  • The Future Group; and
  • Square Pharmaceuticals.