Jahangir H Sharif, quantitative research expert

Jahangir H Sharif, Assistant Director of Mitra and Associates is an MA in Political Science. Mr. Sharif completed the MA from the University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh in 1981. He has 32 years of experience especially in the field of quantitative research. Therefore he is highly skilled in:

  • Coordinating data collection operations, participatory evaluation studies, as well as focus group discussions
  • Translating questionnaires
  • Conducting training
  • Field supervision as well as quality control of data
  • Conducting pre-test of questionnaires
  • Coordinating fieldwork
  • Monitoring fieldwork to ensure data quality
  • Preparing as well as implementing the plan for editing of completed questionnaires
  • Planning as well as supervising categorization of ‘other’ and ‘open-ended’ question responses

So far he has taken part in more than 100 studies including:

  • The Baseline Survey on “Accelerating Progress Towards Maternal and Neonatal Mortality and Morbidity Reduction, 2007-2008”
  • Bangladesh Maternal Mortality Survey (BMMS, 2001, 2010, 2016)
  • The three CPSs and all the eight BDHS