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Welcome to Mitra and Associates

Mitra and Associates is a pioneer private sector survey-research firm of Bangladesh. Established in 1983, it has gradually grown to be one of the most sustainable and dependable organization in the country for quantitative and qualitative research, evaluation studies and surveys. Mitra and Associates has the demonstrated research, planning and managerial skills to implement survey/research assignments of voluminous workloads involving complex designs, and collection and analysis of data on wide ranges of variables. Mitra and Associates has also the professional ability to carry out new and innovative studies. A good number of the assignments the organization has completed were the first of their kind in Bangladesh and employed innovative approaches and methodologies.

Capabilities of Mitra and Associates as a research firm

Mitra and Associates is founded by S. N. Mitra in 1983 and has been steered to its’ current position as a leading health, population, nutrition, agricultural, WES (Water, Environment and Sanitation), media, social communication, livestock, rural development and rural infrastructure, socio-economic development, and women and children’s development  research firm of the country under his leadership. Mitra and Associates has an unparalleled professional commitment and integrity to implement research assignments. These involve complex designs and collection and analysis of data on wide ranges of variables. Mitra and Associates has demonstrated their professional capability in research, planning, and managing complex projects.

Mitra and Associates is equally capable of conducting innovative studies. A good number of the assignments Mitra and Associates has completed were the first of their kind in Bangladesh.

The core business of Mitra and Associates is to carry out the sponsored survey and research projects for its clients. Since its inception, the organization has carried out more than 200 (national and sub-national surveys and research projects in the field of health, population, nutrition, education, media social communication, market and audit, agriculture, livestock, rural development and rural infrastructure, socio-economic development, and women and children’s development.

Studies have generally been evaluation and monitoring of development programs/ projects, including baseline, midline and follow-up surveys, and operation research, undertaken under contracts from the national and international agencies and institutions.

Mitra and Associates has a sister concern named Global Software Architects (GSA) for providing customized services and solutions for IT-enabled services (ITES). GSA offers software programming services including planning, managing, implementing and supporting Information Technology solutions. For more detailed information, please click on Global Sowftware Architects.

Feedback from clients

“Mitra and Associates is a research organization with international survey experts that have proven to meet the highest standards of research design, implementation, data management and analysis while also being one of the most affordable research organizations I have encountered.

Their system not only ensures high-quality research but also avoids the pitfalls that commonly besiege other organizations with costly and sometimes irreparable consequences to design and data validity.

The system they have developed and implemented for research planning/design and conduct, including data collection instrument pretesting, training/standardization and oversight of data managers, supervisors, and data collectors and data entry clerks have systematically produced research of the highest caliber for over 30 years.

Their system not only ensures full compliance with study protocols but also study timelines and budgets.

Mitra and Associates is one of the few organizations that has conducted the DHS surveys since their inception, that has also conducted multiple national maternal mortality surveys, community- and facility-based surveys, and randomized controlled trials (RCTs).

As Principal Investigator of the first cluster RCT of community-based kangaroo mother care, Mitra and Associates design and data management, including one of the first attempts to use computer-assisted data collection, was stellar, producing extremely clean data in both a timely and affordable manner while ensuring confidentiality and secure data storage and transfer.

For these reasons, Mitra and Associates is always my first “go to” choice for implementing or guiding others conducting public health research.  For these reasons, I have and will continue to recommend their use to various organizations working around the world to help guide data collection training and management and optimize research quality.” – Dr. Nancy Sloan