Survey-research firm of Bangladesh grown to be the most sustainable.

Welcome to Mitra and Associates

Mitra and Associates is a survey-research firm in Bangladesh for carrying out sponsored survey research projects. It was established in 1983. Since its inception, the firm has gradually grown to be a most sustainable and dependable organization in the country. It has special skill in quantitative and qualitative research, evaluation, and surveys.

Capabilities of Mitra and Associates as a survey-research firm

Mitra and Associates has professional commitment and integration to implement research assignments. These involve complex designs, collection, and analysis of data on wide ranges of variables/indicators. These also include highly voluminous workloads. In addition, Mitra and Associates has the demonstrated research, planning and managerial skills.

Mitra and Associates has also the professional ability to carry out new/innovative studies. A good number of the assignments Mitra has completed were first of their kinds in the country. These assignments also employed concurrent approaches and methodologies.

Mitra and Associates has a sister concern named Global Software Architects (GSA) for providing customized services and solutions for IT-enabled services (ITES). GSA offers software programming services including planning, managing, implementing and supporting Information Technology solutions. For more detailed information, please click on Global Software Architects.